December Daily day 20-25

It’s over.  I successfully completed not only creating the album, but posting it.  As I said back on day 1, I wasn’t overly excited about doing this album, but it was important for me to get it done.

Day 20

My friend Jessica gave me an amazing new recipe that I made with my mom.  It’s a Spicy Buffalo Chicken dip and it is my new favourite meal!  Here are some pics of the process and the recipe.


Day 21

Isn’t snap chat great??  No??  I don’t know – I have no idea how to use it.  I like to screenshot pictures of my head covered in toast or with puppy dog ears, but this month, for the holidays, we had the option of little reindeer antlers and a cute little nose!! Because the edges were black, I used some gold strip washi tape to add detail and a “hello Christmas” 4X6 card.


Day 22

I can never diet in December because Tim Hortons has this amazing donut called a Double Chocolate Candy Cane and it is fabulous.  I treat myself to one most days!  LOL…my bad!


Day 23

We are getting so close right!!! My last day of work and these are the wonderful Christmas cards I received from my colleagues.  Each of them have earned a special hug – hence the screen shot of another Christmas Facebook meme!


Day 24 – Christmas Eve

I could have a whole album dedicated to this day.  It is always so much fun and so very special as I see family and friends together enjoying amazing food and drinks!  I decided to focus on the kids!  I mean hanging out with kids on Christmas gets you into the Christmas spirit really quick..  My second cousin Nathan is just the sweetest and we have a great little bond developed so of course I added his photo and my brothers best friend Terry has a new baby and they visited us so I took a pick with my brother, the baby and of course Simba! I wrote on the picture directly with a black sharpie and added some gold foil stickers from the Jasmine Jones kit.


Day 25 – Christmas Day

Christmas morning chaos!  Paper and boxes and presents and people everywhere!  A disaster of the best kind!   Again, my pictures were my most important feature so I limited the embellishing to “25” stickers.  Who doesn’t love Christmas dinner??  I AM OBSESSED with Christmas dinner so of course that also made me album!


Album Cover

It took me awhile to decide what I wanted.  I decided to use the wood pieces stamped with ink and hot glued onto the front, along with a snowman, some washi tape and enamel dots with green stickles !


That’s it!  Another year has come to an end.  Stay tuned for my Project Life 2016 broken down by month!  Have a great day!



Day 12-19

Nothing feels better than completing an album.  Last night I completed my DD 2016.  Including album cover which you will see in my next post.  I took all the pictures so here you have it – Day 12 to 19!

Day 12

Everyone loves when I make my lasagna so even though it has nothing to do with Christmas this was my photo for today!  I made it for my work peeps cause we have all been craving a hot meal with the cold weather!


Day 13

The holidays are approach fast and my coworkers will be starting their vacations soon.  I had a few cards for some of them along with a sweet treat so today I wrote out my cards and attached their treats to the envelopes.

I also got an advent calendar this year from Alvin *albeit a couple of weeks late* so I was able to keep this at work and have my own treat everyday!


Day 14

I started my Christmas wrapping and somewhere along my travels this past year I picked up this amazing wrapping paper Happy Pawlidays! I knew immediately I wanted to use it and smile at the cuteness of it.  I used two 3X4 cards out of the Jasmine Jones mini kit and a couple of stickers to add visual interest.



Day 15

December is literally me eating junk food for 31 days straight.  Its awful, but oh so good!  I made an apple pie (okay fine I bought a pie and threw it in the over to heat up) and we had cake at work because an intern was leaving!  Merry Christmas to me!!!


Day 16

I have a lot of kidlets and family so I always have a lot of presents to buy – and wrap!  The top two pics were taken from a 4X6 cut in half and it was a square table filled and layered with presents for 8 kidlets!  I like to give them little treats so they all got their initial in chocolate and Julia (my god-daughter) got a pez dispenser from Trolls which I had taken her to see in November! Here the photos speak for themselves with a little “ho ho ho” and a chip board sticker from Santas Toy Shop!


Day 17

I love taking pictures of other peoples trees!  They are all so pretty when lit!  I dropped off some presents and my friends house and grabbed this picture of their tree!! A few cards and a bit of journalling later and this layout was simple!


Day 18

When your youngest god-daughter is a ham, you ham it up with her.  She adores selfies almost as much as I do.  She copied every face I made!  She is hilarious!  I added a few gold foil stickers, but wanted the pics of this angel to be the only focus!


Day 19

Today I watched my four favourite movies and instead of taking pics of my tv, I took screen shots of google images and saved them as 3X4’s in a 4X6 print out so that I could print them easily and then just cut them.


I can’t believe how quick December went by.  In a little bit I will post days 20-25 with my album cover.  If you have questions about anything used, just ask away!


December 8-11 with an insert

Yep I got fancy – I put in an insert!!!

Day 8

My team likes to celebrate!  A lot!!

We decided, we did a team dinner and an office lunch so why not go the whole mile and do a team lunch!  I didn’t complain because I love sushi and I was able to get what I wanted this way!!!

I used the Project life app to get two 3X4 pictures posted together thinking I would cut them separately and use them in individual pockets, but that was not the case so I used a string of sticker stars to separate the images!


Day 9

There was a whole lot of days where nothing exciting happened – nothing picture worthy so what I did was screen shot the weather Toronto is facing as well as a Facebook meme that went around that reminded me to be thankful and to be present! I put in two 3X4 cards from Mini Kits and the ho ho ho one I put red Stickler sparkly glue all over.


Insert 1

A full 6X8 page with Washi tape at the top and a sticker at the bottom.  I love this Christmas song and it was one of my favourite pages


Insert 2

Peace on Earth – I’d love this for Christmas or any time of year really!!!


Day 10

If you post your kids pic on Facebook with Santa, and I need ideas for my DD, I will totally screen shot it and use it – especially if I love your kid(s) like my own!  SORRYNOTSORRY

With a couple of  “Dear” and  “Santa” stickers these matched great to my theme for Day 10. A few 3X4 word cards and a chip board sticker my layout is complete!


Day 11

My older nieces birthday falls on the 11th, but she hates her picture being taken so I focused on my dog – who willingly obliges my camera and my youngest niece who was donning a Santa Hat!  Thanks! A couple of stickers and VOILA!  Done!


Two posts in one day – I am spoiling you all! Wait till tomorrow!!!


December Daily day 1-7

Okay, I am not going to lie – I half assed this year’s December Daily (DD).  Every year that I am not a mother becomes harder and harder for me to enjoy the season the way I have in the past.  I push myself to do the album though because A. I love scrapbooking and B. One day I will me a mom and I so desperately want my child to have these albums of me and my life and our family and friends pre-kid!

I left out a lot of the journalling I like to do in my albums and let the pictures and Project Life cards take the main focus of my 2016 DD.

Day 1

Because I am using a 6X8 album I have a lot of different page protectors I can use and one of my favourite is having 4 3X4 slots because I can add more pictures as well as word cards and journal cards if I feel like it.  For my first day I was lucky – we had a Christmas (holiday) lunch at work and the staff room was decorated beautifully with silvers and blues (also a theme you will see in my house later). I ate with one of my favourite colleauges Jessica and even managed to get a picture with her – she is NOT a picture person…I have a lot of friends that don’t like having their pictures taken and it is very strange they like me so much since I take a million pictures!!!  I was lucky this year – I actually one a DD mini kit from Jasmine Jones line with Ali Edwards (the guru of DD).  She had these great grey circle stickers with numbers on them and I used them for counting my days.  I also used a lot of gold stickers to highlight pictures – like the word TODAY and HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTMAS.  With a mixture of other winter/Christmas type stickers, I finished this day off with two simple pictures of my special lunch!


Day 2

My team at work had our annual holiday party – this year at Taylors Landing, a new restaurant at the Shops of Don Mills.  For this layout I chose the “Holiday Party time card and added a transparency red bow for decoration.  I had a journal card and two pictures again at the bottom with a large Merry Christmas punch board sticker that I purchased from my last Crop and Create back in September.


Day 3

I love the first Saturday of December!  I usually choose this day to put up my Christmas tree and complete putting up decorations.  This year I went with a blue and silver theme for my tree and of course I had to dust off the record player and play my dads old 78’s.  I used a 3X4 card with “oh Christmas tree on it”  where I placed some green enamel dots and used another journal card, but for the journal card I added some sparkly glue (Sticklers) I picked up at Hobby Lobby in a silver colour.

day-3Day 4

I love book club, I love reading, I love the girls in the club, I love the food we have and the drinks we have and at Christmas especially I feel super giddy and happy to be at book club.  So day 4 was all about that!  I cut a 4X6 picture in half since I need pictures in size 3X4 and put them as my bottom picture and since Sarah had such nice plates for us to use (ya they were paper, but they were damn cute!) I took a picture of that too!  I used a burgundy 3X4 word card and added a sticker or two to top it off!


Day 5

I love surprises and I love gifts!  I came back to my desk to this little piece of awesome from my co-worker!!!  I let the picture to the talking!


Day 6

December 6th – if I was Greek it would be my name day!  Since some of co-workers are Greek it is a celebratory special day for me anyway and thanks to my cube mate Tina, I got a nice Christmas surprise after break!  A few stickers and a “That sneaky elf” 3X4 card and I was done!


Day 7

I watched my first Christmas movie today – Elf with Will Ferrell.  So funny and always puts a smile on my face!!!  I used a 4X6 card with a couple of Christmas present stickers and left the rest blank.


That’s it folks – see I told you it wasn’t that exciting, but just some snapshots of my life over the month of December!  Tomorrow will be day 8-16!!

December Daily – Intro

It has been awhile, I know.  I am SO sorry. I don’t even have the excuse that I haven’t been scrapbooking because I have been – I have even done a crop and create (Cornwall) since my last entry and still – I failed to document.  I promise to be better!

Now it is December – my favourite time of year!  December Daily started yesterday!  I have completed my first few intro pages and I know what pics I am taking for the first 5 days.  Ya five that is it!  I’ll be looking to you all for inspiration for the next 20!

Last year I went with an all red album (6X8) and decorated it.  It was gorgeous and I loved it.  This year I went simple. I already had a red and brown 6X8 album with a ton of page protectors so I decided this will be my album for 2016.  I might decorate it later in the season if I so choose.  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll keep you posted.


This awesome envelope came in my album!  What a nice surprise when I unwrapped it!  I don’t know what I will put in here??  Probably Christmas cards that I am sent in the mail! Again, I kept this simple.  Just added the year in Thickers and left it.


The whole purpose of the season for me is to get to that special day – Christmas!  Hence why I used my red title card with the white “Merry Christmas”. I decided that I will stick to reds, greens, golds and whites as my colour theme for the album because I have a lot of product left over from last years December Daily and it all matches!  I added the J O Y from my chipboard Christmas stickers I have.  Joy is what I feel when I think of Christmas – pure JOY.


On the back of this card, I just used some gold striped washi tape with a gold framed snowman and kept the rest very simple.


I always use a date card – this year it was a 4X6 date card where I used enamel dots and stars to mark special dates (my niece Ryann and my Aunt Sharron’s birthdays and of course Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years Eve).


My reason why.  It was almost the same as last year.  I want my child to know what my life was like before them.  I want them to hold onto this albums for years to come.  They will know how much they were wanted as my reason why is THEM!


Finally I have two cards backing it which come from kits I have purchased over the past year or two.  This year I won a December Daily mini kit from Jasmine Jones! HOLY CRAP right!  I am so lucky!  I kept these cards simple – some chipboard and an enamel dot.  That’s it.  Simple and pretty.  This is my hope for the album this year!


Stick with me! I’ll post more – I promise!!



Moms Vacation Album

My mom, Aunt, sister-in-law and I all went to Cuba in January.  It was a really fun trip, but for some reason I didn’t take as many shots as I wanted to.  The weather wasn’t the greatest, the room wasn’t the nicest and while the resort was nice they were renovating a lot of it so my pictures took a back seat to me just enjoying the trip for what it was – a getaway from the everyday.

However, I had planned on doing an album for my mom this trip at our March Crop and Create event in Markham (yes they have a WHOLE weekend dedicated to scrapbooking!).  I was taking Jess Fosters class and since I absolutely adore her work I really wanted to attend her class, get the goodies and start making an album from my mom’s point of view!

In our kit from the workshop came this lovely blue 6X8  album which reminded me of a clear blue sky (which we didn’t see many of – FYI). I decided to add the little camera as an embellishment even though, for me, I personally like to leave my album covers blank (except for my December Daily which begs to be embellished at all times).


I didn’t get a lot of early pics at the airport or anything because it was 4:00 in the morning and none of us were awake enough to realize where we were going and excited to be doing so.  I did however get a great shot of the clouds while we were flying and of course once we landed I got a pic outside the airport or the SUNSHINE and PALM TREES!  One of my favourite designers Cathy Zielske created a kit of cards just for this workshop and I was really happy because they were in blues and oranges and yellows which fit in great with the embellishments I already for this album!  Here you can see in the top right, the destination card and I just added the city/country and the dates. I used some embellishments, stickers all to do with traveling!


I absolutely loved the Made With Love By card with a picture of the world.  Of course with Cuba being so tiny, I used a small enamel dot (also part of our kit with colours that matched the theme) and a destination sticker to highlight the Caribbean Island.  This album is all about my mom so I made sure to take lots of pictures of her of course and here is one of my favourites – of her and her twin eating Ice Cream ( mango and butterscotch) after breakfast.  I added a couple of stickers here and a few enamel dots and left it as it was.


Another 4X6 card I liked from the Cathy Zielske collection was The Trip Details.  I added the details here with a picture of my sister-in-law and me.  Notice we are in long sleeved shirts!!!!  It was quite cool some days.


I didn’t add a lot of embellishments throughout my album because that is my style – not necessarily my moms.  I did a lot of journalling for her with things I remember and loved. with a few stickers strewn about and these neat little arrow clips.


Because this is a 6X8 album, some of the page protectors were a full 6X8.  I didn’t have any pics of that size but I did buy postcards so I cut some bright paper to the size and glued the post cards on them.  This adds a nice touch of colour plus with the post cards we got some really sunny scenes that we didn’t have in real life


You’ll see here I left a few 3X4 cards blank.  I wanted my mom to have a chance to fill in her own thoughts, feelings and memories so I left about 4 spaces for her do so.  I added two cute 3X4 Cathy Zielske cards on the bottom with the word TRAVEL for embellishment


I loved that there was a Trip Highs / Trip Lows card from the collection.  Not every trip is perfect – ours sure wasn’t, but it was great.  I added this card to a 6X8 piece I had cut for a post card on the reverse side and as it’s at the end of my album, I added the word HOME with an airplane flying us home! I used the enamel dots (I have a slight obsession with them) for each bullet point I wanted to mention.


So this is my moms album.  I know I am WAY behind documenting but a lot of exciting things have been happening (more later) in my world so documentation on my blog has slid back.  SORRY!  More soon promise!



January scrapping has begun

January is a majorly busy month between my nieces birthday, my birthday, my Cuba trip and just general work busyness so I am trying to stay on top on my Project Life, before February comes around and all of a sudden I am a MONTH behind.

This weekend I scrapped the first 10 days of the month – remember I am not doing it weekly, I am focusing on months instead of weeks so I may have a three page spread, I may have a ten page spread for the month – it doesn’t matter!


For my first page, I have pics from New Years Eve (technically not January, but close enough), a picture of my day watching Star Wars (which I had never seen before) and a morning and evening picture of my clean scrap book room and then of Simba passed out cold because I had spent the whole day cleaning which meant he spent the whole day walking around watching me clean – he is SOOOOO helpful (sarcasm doesn’t translate well over a blog).  I used very few embellishments, focusing on the pictures.  I did add a few stickers to spell out a few words and some hearts and paw prints, but I did use the am/pm plastic words from Ali Edwards monthly kits a received last year.


Sorry for the crappy picture, but this time I took pics of it snowing (top right), me at teh doctors office with hair down and some lipstick on (I have no idea why I put lipstick on for my nurse, I doubt she appreciated my effort).  Early in January we lost a dear friend, Rick Wallace, a great father, grandfather and husband.  I went to his wake and funeral and the card they passed out was so lovely I wanted to memorialize him in my PL album so pasted the card on a 4X6 winter card from the Seasons core kit and wrote out a little note about him.  Other then a few snowflake/winter stickers, I kept the embellishments to a minimum.


My third spread of this month was all about me and Krystal, my niece.  It was her birthday on the third, and mine on the tenth.  I used some birthday stickers I got from Michaels along with a Happy Birthday sticker. I posted a nice snowflake 3X4 from the Seasons Core kit and left it at that.

I assume I’ll have at least two – three more spreads this month and I look forward to sharing these with you once I am finished.

How is your 2016 PL coming along??


Janaury – really already

It’s 2016…what does that mean for this blogger/scrapbooker/lazy procrastinator?? It means a new album for Project Life 2016!  I have decided this year that I will be just focusing on months instead of weeks so I will have 2 albums broken into 2 sections (January – June and July – December).  This week I worked on my Project Life title page and my January title card:


As you can probably tell, my title page is done 12X12 style and in one of my favorite tones to use, this blue will probably work it’s way through my album the entire first month of January.

I took a selfie pic for the middle, used flower stickers I received from a RAK secret santa exchange and used banner thickers for little flags in various shades of blue and gray.

I saw this 2016 quote on Facebook and printed and cropped it for the bottom of my album because I loved it and I truly believe that GOOD THINGS ARE ON THE WAY for 2016.


When I think of January – I think of cold and snow and blues and grays so this card from the Seasons PL kit was a perfect first card for my album.  I have a sticker set from Michael’s that list each month and these are what I will use for my title cards – January’s was full of blue snowflakes so I used blue enamel dots and snowflake thickers (and my favourite song title from Frozen) to emphasize the coldness that January brings!

I can’t wait to start this months creation!


December Daily day 11-16

Day 11 I didn’t do very much, but I happened to catch Simba sleeping under the tree – of course once I moved to take the pic he moved and sat up.  Picture perfect moment ruined.  LOL…

dd 1

Day 12 I finished all my wrapping and put all the gifts under the tree.  I love how the twinkle from the lights shines off the paper.  I added a star from Ali Edwards Main Kit and a “twinkle twinkle from the same kit and left it’s beauty to shine!

dd 2

Day 13 I visited two of my favourite little girls and spent the entire day snuggling and loving them!  I used no embellishments except a tree and wreath sticker I got from Michael’s.

dd 3

Day 14 I realized how many Christmas cards I had gotten from colleagues and arranged them on my desk.  I also had my eye test since my laser surgery 3 years ago and the tree in their lobby is HUGE!  It’s so pretty and I am so envious of it. Again I used almost no embellishments except a few stickers with holiday sayings.

dd 4

Day 15 is where I started to feel ill.  So the next few days are filler pages.  I used journal cards to create a presence for these dates. I used wood and sticker embellishments to create a festive feel!  The wood snowflake I used red stamping ink and I love the colour it turned!

dd 5

Day 16 I went with four 3X4 spreads with different starter conversations on them and used this for day 16 (was still yucky feeling).  dd 6

Days 17-21 will be coming soon guys!  I can’t believe 2015 is almost over!!!

December Daily day 5-10

Keeping up to date has been hard, but here we go folks!

Day 5 was a Saturday and I spent the day wrapping presents and playing around with Simba.  I used to always bonk my dad on the head with the empty rolls from wrapping paper – so of course I tortured my poor pooch with light love taps – he ignored me for the most part!  I added some Washi tape, Mambi stickers and dollar Hobby Lobby stickers!

pic 1

Day 6 was a Sunday and it was my book club’s First Annual Christmas dinner.  We met at Joey’s Don Mills and enjoyed some food, drink and of course talked a bit about our December book – Fault in Our Stars.  I added almost no embellishments, letting my friends happy faces – and of course the amazing dessert – take center stage

pic 2

Day 7 was a relaxing Monday night where I lit the tree and again played with Simba.  He has been ignoring the tree thank goodness.  This date I added a journal card from Becky Higgins Holiday collection and added a mambi sticker

pic 3

Day 8 was all about music.  I started listening to CHFI 98.1 all the time because they played Christmas music 24/7 and my favourite song is my dad’s song “Toyland”.  I used the lyrics as my pic on a 6X8 card

pic 4

Day 9 Every year Simba gets his picture taken with Santa (at his daycare) and I wanted him to wear a Santa hat – he was having none of it.  As soon as we got the strap around his head he’d paw it off – hence the BA HUMBUG card.

pic 5

Day 10 my friend asked me to help him pick out a tree.  We went to a little tree lot and this guy came out of his trailer (looking oddly like a mass murderer) and helped us get this beautiful tree.  Here are the two we chose from  – we got the one on the right! Since we yet to have snow, I added some colourful snowflakes I got from my friend Sarah and a round 10 from Mambi.

pic 6